Highly Recommended

Moving is a chore. Finding a new home – just the right home – is too often impossible. At least it can seem so.

Having moved upwards of 25 times thanks to Military and Defense contract work, my husband and I were faced with yet another challenge when needs-must transitioned our family to Northern Virginia. While delighted at the prospect of being able to settle again, the task of finding that right place was suddenly daunting, the energy and enthusiasm drained thanks to overexposure. Gritting our teeth and preparing for the arduous, we filled out an online query to locate property.

In came Susan Titus. One call and then two. She was ready, but did not push. Again, we are not inexperienced in working with Real Estate Agents or companies. But Susan’s upbeat engagement of not only the task itself, but my husband and I, and our entire family set the tone for what would be one of the best mission accomplished experiences we’ve had thus far.

Susan’s attention to detail, ready communication and capacity to seamlessly navigate competencies is invaluable.

Neighborhoods, viewings, financials, title company, inspections, even the recommendation of a competent locksmith, everything is managed with executive level assurance and a genuine dedication to customer satisfaction that delivers. Even the tricky combo of a VA funded purchase of a short-sale posed no difficulty whatsoever. And that dedication does not end once the signing is over! Follow up questions and concerns are always met with the same avid attention that marks a true professional.

If we ever have to move again, and we likely will, Susan Titus will be our agent.

— Patty and Greg